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Vermont Biochar sells inoculated charcoal, a potent organic soil improver we call GreenFireChar.  We make both the charcoal and inoculant entirely on site, from start to finish, here at Green Fire Farm in West Danville, Vermont.

Inoculated Biochar is crushed charcoal saturated with the microbes that make a living soil.

Inoculated Biochar increases crop nutrient content and soil fertility, neutralizes acidity and toxins, and you won't have to wait years to see the change.

Vermont Biochar, Green Fire Farm in West Danville, Vermont.

“Soils with biochar additions are typically more fertile, and produce more and better crops for a longer period of time.” Johannes Lehmann, Cornell University, Biochar Researcher


What is Biochar?

Biochar is 'Char'coal produced from wood or plant 'Bio'mass. This charcoal will absorb nutrients like a sponge, holding them in the soil near the plants for an incredibly long time. We know this from studying the Terra Preta, the deep, dark fertile soils of the Amazon that were made thousands of years ago from biochar.


“Rich in humus, pieces of preColumbian unfired clay pottery, and black carbon, it’s [terra preta is] like a “microbial reef” that promotes and sustains the growth of mycorrhizae and other beneficial microbes and it as been show to retain its fertility for thousands of years.”
Magic Soil of the Lost Amazon by Allan Balliett from Acres USA February 2007 Vol. 37, No. 2.


With our Biochar you are getting fertility that is rich and lasts longer than what you would get from adding minerals, manure, or compost to the soil.

This makes inoculated biochar the most sustainable soil amendment.


What is special about biochar is that it is much more effective in retaining most nutrients and keeping them available to plants than other organic matter such as common leaf litter, compost or manures. This is also true for phosphorus.” J. Lehmann


Vermont Biochar  –  Fertility for the Future


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